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Thank you for the great stay!  We had a wonderful time in Saranda and a big part of that was because of how much fun this hostel was to stay at.  Albania is fabulous and if we’re ever in town again, you’ll definitely be hearing from us!
Shannon and Scott  poppunkthis[at]hotmail.com

Thankyou – loved it here, almost like home J.  Saranda was nice and enjoyed the day trips we did (Butrint is a must!) Will definitely be back if ever in Albania again.
Jenn (UK/NZ)  jenn_dav[at]yahoo.co.uk

This has been more like a home than a hostel.  What more can I say, great management, great location, clean, informative, the list is endless!  I have had a fantastic stay in Saranda and I know I will be back in Albania sometime in the future, whether to work or play!
Suzie suzieveseli[at]hotmail.com

Cheers for the hospitality!  The place has a good feel about it.  Nice views, clean and comfy.  Have enjoyed my stay in Saranda (and rest of Albania).  Any reading this, I recommend taking the drive up the coast road to Himara and Dhermi, nice views and beaches.  Driving alongside Albanians is interesting ( I don’t think the term ‘defensive driving’ exists here!)
Josh NZ  jmo_nz[at]hotmail.com

This has been the best hostel experience I’ve had this trip for sure, and nothing but praise for the lovely and indominatable Annette! Whose presence is always pleasant and whose care and concern for people is clearly authentic. I would have stayed longer if only I could.
Robin USA

Thankyou for a fantastic stay.  I have enjoyed it very much, you are a great hostel owner! Thanks for the trip up to the castle, I will never forget the crazy Albanian dancing, and also for taking us to see the live traditional music. I hope for a chain of ‘Hairy Lemons Hostels’ to spring up around the world.  I wish you all the best in the business.
Daniel Richardson  richdan6[at]hotmail.com

Thanks Annette, you are just how I would expect a crazy Irish girl to be! Cant believe the power you had to make Tim an Albanian dancer, such a great night in your company! You are just a great character to be around and made our stay the Best of all! Thanks for everything and good luck in the future!
Isabelle, Quebec  realiza_dream[at]hotmail.com

Hairy lemon, home away from home! Our lovely host Annette, who we will never forget! We hope you open more hostels, namely in Tibet! Oh lovely Hairy Lemon, how we love to roam! Thankyou for a lovely stayJ
Laura, Del and Aaronaaronevans[at]inbox.com

Thanks Annette for being so lovely and welcoming.  We will spread the Hairy lemon word!
Jess and Selka  jessatki[at]gmail.com

Had two fabulous family dinners here!  Ive enjoyed every minute of my stay.  Not a hostel, more of a home away from home! Thanks for everything! J
Sarah, Australia  chook_nomayo[at]hotmail.com

We started in Italy, went to Montenegro and at last found what we were looking for HERE!!  Thank you for your kindness and generosity, hope to be back soon for a dinner party!
Andrew and Caitlin  awhitehead7[at]gmail.com

First day in Albania, first great people, first great view, first amazing evening, first crazy piece of beef and first beer staring at the moon! Just hoping for other ones….

Annette, its been fantastic! Definitely the best hostel I’ve stayed at.  Extremely clean, relaxing, amazing views and fantastic company. Wish we could have stayed longer but I’ll definitely be back in the near future!
Becky  rm543[at]york.ac.uk

The Hairy Little Lemon is one of the nicest places I’ve ever stayed in!
Hope there’ll be more Lemons popping up in every continent! I’ve had such a good time here, its always as much about the people you meet than the places you go to, and I feel I was very lucky here! So Thank you Annette for your hospitality, for the whole experience! And I will tell everyone I meet, about this place!
Tiina, Finland  tiinasunila[at]hotmail.com